4 Simple Tips to keep your teeth healthy all your life.


Simple routines in life which are extremely easy to follow are the ones we ignore due to reasons like being lazy, being irregular, indisciplined and we forget the life long benefits we are forgoing due to it.

We search for how to make money, how to retire early, how to earn a living, how to make easy money but in course we forget how inevitable is good health to actually enjoy all that you’ve achieved.

A simple tooth ache can distract you from all your daily routines, it can dilute all the success you have achieved.

My simple goal with this article is how to remain healthily eligible to enjoy all that we strive for in this materialistic world.


Today's topic is Healthy Teeth, sounds very silly and simple and rather not so important but for someone who is suffering, it's like a goldmine of information and tips.


Here are 4 simple tips to avoid all or any of the tooth problems.


  1. Brush twice daily ( sounds so simple but do you actually do it? ), start today
  2. Floss at least once a day especially before you sleep. You dont want the stuck food to give the bacteria a chance to multiply.
  3. Gargle properly with simple tap water after all meals.
  4. And the BEST TIP is GUMS MASSAGE. A simple key to avoid 90% of all tooth problems. Take some toothpaste on your finger and lightly massage your gums in the morning and before sleeping. Trust me this is the miracle cure for all your tooth problems. Even if you already have a tooth problem, this will still help you to a lot of extent. Just be gentle and follow the gums massage regime daily and you will thank god for it.

These are some simple tips which everyone can follow without requiring any special tools or gadgets. Start today and enjoy a healthy life.

Remember a healthy body is a prerequisite to enjoying your achievements.